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Experiencing salt shortages and unavailable deicing materials isn’t just inconvenient; it is downright dangerous. Unfortunately, this leaves many companies and contractors scrambling to find products at the worst possible time—the last minute. Abraxus Salt, LLC was created with both convenience and safety in mind, providing timely access to bulk product. Are you ready to combat winter weather with us?

Abraxus Salt is the largest distributor of Cargill deicing products in the region. We carry extra-dry, deep-mined salt, calcium chloride and ClearLane®, a premier, pre-wetted deicer. Find out more—just click here.

Bulk Deep Mined Salt

Investment and commitment has forged a relationship with Cargill Deicing Technology and has made Abraxus one of the largest privately owned providers of bulk and bagged deicing chemicals.

Latest Deicing Technology

Abraxus is a distributor of Cargill Clearlane, a treated environmentally friendly rock salt that works with
increased efficiency in lower temperatures.

Continuous Salt Supply

Abraxus has a consistent scheduled resupply from Cargill, which eliminates the possibility of material shortages when you need it the most.

Clearlane Enhanced Deicer
Dyn O Melt
Winter Melt
Early Melt
Green Melt
Glacier Melt
Flash Melt